Blueberry Picking in South Jersey

DiMeo Farms has a popular pick your own blueberry farm in NJ where you can pick way better tasting Organic, Non-GMO, Heirloom blueberries at DiMeo's U-Pick Blueberry Farm in New Jersey. Experience the relaxing NJ Pine Barrens, our special picking music and nature trails along the beautiful Hammonton Creek. Drive out to pick blueberries for only $1.66 pint. Below media featured us for the best blueberry picking in South Jersey at our Hammonton family blueberry farmCALL NOW (609) 561-5905 to get added to our Summer 2019 VIP list so you can be the first to pick. We have way better tasting blueberries at our u-pick farm in NJ. You will come back every summmer once you experience our gorgeous farm. Just like these happy DiMeo customers featured on our recently updated 2018 u-pick blueberry farm photo gallery on Pinterest. Picturesque nature trails, private campsites and picnic areas.

Great memories are created here at DiMeo PYO Farms for our customers who come back every summer with their loved ones to DiMeo's U-Pick Blueberry Farms in NJ. What an absolutely picturesque atmosphere in the heart of the NJ Pine Barrens. We are an ultra-upscale u pick farm that is simply meticulous, to take a drive out to our blueberry fields to pick blueberries in Summer 2019. You can take home BIG bearing-size 3 year-old blueberry bushes for only $10. Look at our beautiful NJ blueberries and blueberry fields. Pick better tasting blueberries with simply gorgeous atmosphere at our popular pick your own blueberry farm in New Jersey. Happy regular customers drive hours just to pick NJ blueberries at DiMeo Farms. Bring a small cooler to put your berries in, and pack a picnic lunch to enjoy along the creek at one of our campsites.

After you look at these photos of our picturesque PYO blueberry farms in NJ, you will understand why we have the best job in the world - growing healthy blueberries and super-hardy blueberry bushes to keep your loved ones healthy and promoting Organic, Non-GMO blueberry plant gardening. Call DiMeo's NJ U-Pick Blueberry Farms now (609) 561-5905 as we are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY to pick blueberries in New Jersey, 7 days/week. 9AM to 7PM. The blueberry season usually lasts June, July and August every Summer.  Comes to only $1.66 per blueberry pint. We supply all the pints for you.

Bring a reusable shopping bag or small hand-held cooler to transport your fresh NJ blueberries back home. Wear closed toe shoes, hats and sunscreen. Ask about buying one of Grandpop DiMeo's old wooden blueberry crates. Only $10. Take home some BIG ultra-heavy bearing blueberry bushes for only $10. We also have raspberry plants, thornless blackberry plants, strawberry plants, cranberry bushes, aronia berry plants and all types of other bearing-size berry bushes from DiMeo Blueberry Plants Nursery on the farm. Just like these BIG bearing blueberry bushes shown in the photo below. We have many different sizes and rare heirloom varieties of blueberry plants available. The kids chose to pick blueberries from the potted blueberry bushes instead of our blueberry fields. They had such a great time! Thank you to our customers for creating memories here at DiMeo's U-Pick Farm in NJ.

DiMeo Farms is a special place not just because you can pick "way better tasting" rare heirlooom blueberries at our family PYO farm, or because we sell all types and sizes of BIG bearing-size blueberry plants, but because memories are created among our blueberry fields and the beautiul Pinelands forest along the beautiful Hammonton Creek. We get grandparents who come here with their grandchildren and generations of their family, spending a truly memorable day picking blueberries together. Now those are memories that will last a lifetime. Just like this young lady who brought her grandmother and mother to spend time together picking blueberries at DiMeo Farms in Hammonton.

Below is little 6 year-old "Lola" who finished six months of cancer treatments. Her parents told us they took an early retirement to spend more time with her. She wanted to pick blueberries and get her own little blueberry bush to take home with her. She even wanted to pay us with her allowance money. We look forward to seeing Lola again and pray her health improves. It's little moments like this that we remember at DiMeo Farms. It was our pleasure to spend time with Lola and her parents at our u-pick berry farm. We send all of our thoughts, love and prayers from DiMeo's U-Pick Blueberries Farm in Hammonton, New Jersey.

After you finish blueberry picking at our pick your own berry farm, you can take home a NJ blueberry bush, raspberry plant or thornless blackberry plants so you can grow your own organic berries at home, without buying those tiny half-pints of expensive organic blueberries at your local supermarket ever again. Pick your own blueberries and grow your own Organic, Non-GMO blueberries at home in your garden. Remember, always know your farmer and where your berries come from.

fCreate precious PYO farm memories with your children. Only $1.66 per blueberry pint picked at our family blueberrie farm with "better tasting" blueberry varieties of blueberries. CALL NOW to schedule (609) 561-5905. Please know that our minimum is 12 pints for $20. This photo above is a happy mom and her beautiful children at our gorgeous pick your own New Jersey blueberry farms. All happy DiMeo u pick blueberries customers that love to spend time with each year picking blueberries in the heart of the New Jersey Pine Barrens forest region. Pack your lunch and have a family picnic along our blueberry fields after you finish berry picking.

Kids love our PYO blueberry farm in Hammonton. So many happy kids had a great time picking healthy, Non-GMO, NATURALLY GROWN, Heirloom Jersey Fresh blueberries at DiMeo's pick your own blueberry farms in South Jersey. Only $1.66 per blueberry pint picked. CALL NOW (609) 561-5905 to make an appointment to pick sweet, tasty New Jersey blueberries surrounded by the beautiful and peaceful New Jersey Pinelands forest where you can have a family fun picnic along the Hammonton Creek after blueberry picking on our family u-pick berry farm. Always make sure you CALL FIRST to make sure we are not "all picked out" before you drive to our PYO farm. If you want to just come here to buy locally grown Hammonton blueberries then call ahead and let us know how many crates of blueberries you are looking to buy or how many pounds of New Jersey blueberries you want to purchase.

Families love picking NJ blueberries at DiMeo Farms in New Jersey: Pick your own blueberries at our family blueberry farms in New Jersey (Hammonton) like this hard-working mom and her kids creating wonderful memories at our PYO blueberry farm. Only $1.66 per pint of blueberries. Call now to make an appointment first (609) 561-5905 for PYO blueberries in NJ at our family blueberry farms. The word is out that DiMeo has the better tasting blueberry varieties with old Heirloom blueberries also available that our customers simply love.

Read DiMeo Blueberry Farms Reviews and look at happy customer photos featured on our Facebook page which features a few of our happy DiMeo customers who drove (or flew) out to our family blueberry plants nursery in New Jersey and we will add more photos of DiMeo's Pick Your Own Blueberry Farm customers who love picking blueberries at New Jersey's most popular family u-pick blueberry farm - DiMeo Farms in Hammonton. Just like this family who heard about us from their friends who highly recommended us and said our blueberries "tasted so much better" than other farms. Our customers agree that DiMeo Farms is "the place to go" every Summer for picking blueberries in New Jersey at the most ultra-upscale u-pick fruit and berry farm in NJ.

Read our DiMeo's U-Pick Farms & Blueberry Plants Nursery Blog featuring some random day-to-day DiMeo Farms customer stories: and then follow DiMeo Farms on Twitter to check-out more happy DiMeo blueberry plant customers who drove out to visit our retail or wholesale blueberry plant nursery to buy mature blueberry bushes, raspberry plants or thornless blackberry plants direct from us: so you can grow blueberries like these that the two little boys picked at DiMeo's Pick Your Own Fruit Farms in New Jersey. We have many types available, but these are rare Heirloom blueberries that are better tasting berries. These used our little red farm wagons to haul the blue berries back to their car.

Watch DiMeo Blueberry Farms & Blueberry Plants Nursery on YouTube as we continue to post DiMeo farm videos on how to grow blueberries and also how to care for blueberry bushes in your own little backyard blueberry patch with DiMeo's mature blueberry bushes direct from our New Jersey Fruit Tree Farm that families love to support: just like the below mom did with her children. Teaching her kids to grown their own organic blueberries at home. Call DiMeo Farms now (609) 561-5905 to schedule an appointment to pick up some BIG bearing-size berry plants and maybe even do some blueberry picking during the months of June, July and August. We greatly appreciate your u pick blueberries business. Thank you.

Advice and Tips on Growing Blueberry Trees at home. Did you know that some people refer to blueberry plants or blueberry bushes as blueberry trees but, actually the correct term is blueberry plant or blueberry bush and not blueberry tree or blueberry trees cause if that were the case, we would say blueberry trees for sale by DiMeo's Blueberry Tree Farms in Hammonton, NJ. Blueberries do not grow on trees, but they grow on bushes and the roots of the blueberry bush do not go very deep like the roots on a tree. The roots on the blueberry are actually quite shallow in the soil and there is no big long tap root like there is on an actual tree. But people still call us asking for blueberry trees. Read DiMeo's Fruit Tree Nursery blog at:

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