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Buy 1.5 year-old ORGANIC, Non-GMO, Heirloom blueberry plants. Only $1.95 each, or 3 year-old ultra-heavy, big bearing blueberry bushes. Only $10 each. Grow your own organic blueberries and save money. ORDER NOW in MID-DECEMBER to guarantee LOW WINTER SALE PRICING and inventory availability. A real blueberry farmer at our family blueberry farm can give you free blueberry planting tips. We now have over 88,000 LIKES on our popular Facebook page with happy customers from all across America, who choose to buy certified blueberry plants direct from real blueberry farmers. CALL NOW to get fast Winter 2018 or Spring 2019 shipping quote. Happy customer photos, videos and case studies below. We are America's #1 long-time choice for organic blueberry plants.

SAME DAY FALL PICK-UP at our New Jersey Blueberry Farms is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Take a ride (or fly) out to pick-up at our family blueberry farms and berry plants nursery to buy ultra-heavy bearing blueberry plants just like these customers did as featured on our DiMeo Farms blog or the 88,000 LIKES with happy DiMeo customers on Facebook. Call now to schedule same day pick-up or get fast shipping quote: (609) 561-5905. Our LATE-NOVEMBER 2018 pick-up hours. Monday thru Saturday. 10AM to 5PM. Closed on Sunday. just like we did for these happy DiMeo blueberry plant customers below, who had fun buying bearing berry plants for sale, such as raspberry plants, thornless blackberry plants, strawberry plants, cranberry bushes and healthy aronia berry plants direct from expert farmers. Ready to Fruit Summer 2019. This family drove hours just to buy blueberry bushes direct from DiMeo Farms. Remember, we can ship direct to your door with free, easy planting instructions.
 The happy retired couple featured below had a dream of starting their own little pick your own blueberry patch and we made that dream come true when they drove hours to meet with our fourth generation New Jersey blueberry farmer to buy the best berry bushes farmer-direct. We sold them aronia berry plants as well to make sure they had the highest antioxidant healthiest berries to sell to their customers at their roadside farm market. Now they have a reliable second income in their retirement years from selling healthy locally grown ORGANIC, Non-GMO, Heirloom berries in their local community. We love our customers and want all of you to be successful growing organic blueberries. If you are looking for a great retirement income idea then selling locally grown organic blueberries is a smart retirement investment strategy for you. It feels good to help people make their dreams come true and encourage healthy eating of locally grown blueberries.
Now you can stop birds from eating blueberries in your backyard blueberry garden. Some customers ask how to prevent birds from eating berries. Actually, few customers report problems with birds and berries. But, you can stop birds from eating your blueberries with bird scarecrow methods or inexpensive bird netting which has worked for our customers. We also suggest a decorative bird netting that can be erected just a couple weeks before your blueberry harvest and taken down promptly after. Remember, it's better to let the birds take a few blueberries rather than going through all kinds of elaborate bird prevention methods. Most of our customers don't have a problem. Just like the happy customers below, when they were referred to us and purchased dormant blueberry plants to start their own little organic blueberry patch. Their adorable little boy was so excited to learn how to grow his own organic blueberries. CALL NOW (609) 561-5905 to schedule a pick-up appointment or get a Spring 2019 shipping quote.
Start Your Own Blueberry Farm For BIG Profits Growing Blueberries
Our family blueberry farms and blueberry plants nursery can ship you the best retail or wholesale blueberry plants for sale in America. Once you become our customer, we can take you into our New Jersey blueberry farm fields to show you the proper spacing for blueberry bushes and show you our speciality row crop tractors for blueberries like this 5' John Deere narrow tractor we use to cultivate blueberries with the right farm implements for growing blueberries. Turn your property into a profitable blueberry business that can generate substantial additional income every Summer. Here is one of our blueberry farm tractors just before sunset. This is another field of young blueberries plants we planted and can teach you how to do the same thing in your own local community. Call us now (609) 561-5905 to ask questions on how to get started.
Actually, the above blueberry farm photo is a good example of what your blueberry plant spacing should look like if you are going into wholesale blueberry growing or planting a pick your own blueberry farm for fresh market organic blueberries. Spacing should be only 2.5' feet between each blueberry plant with 9' feet between each row. Everyone plants blueberries differently but, this is how our blueberry farming family spaces our blueberry bushes as to maximize the use of the land without comprimising blueberry yield or production. If you are growing blueberries commercially, or starting a u-pick farm, this is the proper spacing we recommend. Of course, if you are just growing berry bushes with just a small blueberry patch in your own backyard, then you can space farther apart if you prefer. These below blueberry rows need to be this wide because the 6' foot cultivating tractor implements need to fit down the blueberry rows as does the blueberry picking machines which cut harvesting costs down to about .50 cents per blueberry crate, compared to paying migrant farm labor workers up to $5.00 to pick that same crate of blueberries. All of these farm labor immigration, shortages and political issues will likely lead to higher food, produce and blueberry prices at your local supermarket.
You can plant grass between your blueberry field rows like some of our customers do and use a 6' foot wide grass finish mower to neatly cut the grass between blueberry rows for a upscale pick your own blueberry farm or farm wedding events that can generate extra income during your retirement years. We want you to be successful growing organic blueberries with DiMeo blueberry bushes, just like the happy DiMeo customer below with her newly planted young blueberry field with our heirloom berry plants that are properly spaced 2.5' feet apart with 9' foot rows. This could be your new blueberry farm field that can give you big blueberry production and yield with more pounds of blueberries per acre. The below photo is just one of many DiMeo Farms customer success stories. Let your property start working to generate additional retirement income for you with blueberries. CALL NOW (609) 561-5905 to discuss blueberry plants pricing and details on how to plant berries on your farm land. An investment you can control, unlike the stock market. Make your land work for you and generate new income with our blueberries plants.