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Our 102 year-old family blueberry farm and blueberry plants nursery grows the best bearing blueberry plants the old-fashioned way. DiMeo blueberry plants grow better tasting blueberries. We can ship large ORGANIC, Non-GMO, Heirloom blueberry bushes direct to your door for less. Avoid high grocery store prices for organic blueberries or those sprayed with cancer-causing fungicides or pesticides. Grow your own at home and save money. We ship big, beautiful CERTIFIED blueberry plants all across America. Ready to Fruit Summer 2019. Our ultra-premium blueberry bushes are PESTICIDE and CHEMICAL-FREE, and can grow giant tasty quarter-size blueberries.  We have over 88,000 LIKES with happy customers on our Facebook page who know that DiMeo Farms is America's #1 choice for the best blueberry plants. If you pick-up your order now in Mid-December, we can sell you up to 4' ft. tall, BIG 3 year-old organic blueberry bushes for only $10.

ORDER NOW IN DECEMBER to #1) guarantee blueberry plants avability before we sell out of our best plants and #2) secure low WINTER SALE PRICING such as our $1.95 special for starter plants that you will love. Scroll below for more details.

(609) 561-5905

Happy customer photos and YouTube videos below     FREE easy planting instructions included.

DiMeo Farms ships THREE different SIZES of blueberry plants that have the best transplant success and survivability rates.


1.5 Years-Old Blueberry Plants (only $1.95 each) (minimum 50 per order) these are really great multi-branched, established starter plants. You can easily plant them directly out in your new field or patch, or just quickly pot them all up to get them more established into large bushes first before you field plant them. SHIPPED FARMER-DIRECT TO YOUR DOOR when you are ready to plant. Lowest prices online from America's most popular, and oldest blueberry plants source. Call now (609) 561-5905 to order.

2 Years-Old Blueberry Plants (only $4.95 each) (minimum 25 per order) perfect for replanting, starting a little blueberry patch or u-pick blueberry farm, which can be very profitable in this high demand organic blueberries marketWe can ship you a nice mix of blueberry plant varieties for an extended blueberry season all Summer long, good, effective cross-pollination, large tasty, popular farmer-recommended blueberries. Ready to Fruit in Summer 2019. We recommend starting off with 600 plants (1/2 acre) to 1,200 plants (1 acre) of blueberry plants. SHIPPED FARMER-DIRECT TO YOUR DOOR when you are ready to plant or schedule appiontment to pick-up at our farm.

3 Years-Old, BIG Bearing Blueberry Bushes (only $10 each) (minimum 5 per order) these are the blueberry bushes that homeowners and blueberry gardeners buy. Perfect for growing your own organic blueberries at home in your own little blueberry garden. We recommend TEN (10) blueberry bushes per household so that you have enough blueberries for fresh eating, freezing and throughout the year. Ready to Fruit Summer 2019Choose from up to 32 blueberry plant varieties. We can ship to you an "all-season blueberry variety pack" for an extended blueberry season all Summer long. SHIPPED DIRECT TO YOUR DOOR or pick-up mature bushes like these happy customers did.

It's no wonder that all types of blueberry gardeners, growers and lovers from all across America choose DiMeo Farms blueberry bushes. DiMeo Farms now has over 88,000 LIKES with happy customers on our Facebook, just like pre-retirement and retired couples from all across America who call us when they hear how great DiMeo blueberry plants really are. We help them start their own little blueberry patch so they can learn how to sell fresh, healthy locally grown Organic, Non-GMO, Heirloom blueberries direct from their own little roadside fruit stand, farmers markets, CSA programs or u-pick blueberry farm, to generate substantial retirement income during retirement years with our ultra-heavy bearing DiMeo blueberry bushes that can yield more pounds of giant, quarter-size blueberries. You can easily do the same thing for your family by investing in blueberry plants and puting your land to work for you. Direct-retail organic blueberries can generate yearly income of up to $50,000 per acre.
Enjoy BIG, tasty blueberries that our ORGANIC, Non-GMO, Heirloom blueberry plants can grow for you. Our large, multi-branched, READY TO FRUIT blueberry bushes are ultra-heavy bearing. Only $10. Customers have said "no other blueberry plants grow as vigorous or yield as many pounds of GIANT tasty blueberries" like DiMeo blueberry plants. Our long-time DiMeo farmers can sell you a nice blueberry variety mix of early, mid and late-season variety blueberry bushes so you can pick blueberries all Summer long for #1) nice extended blueberry harvest season ALL SUMMER LONG #2) good cross-pollination for increased blueberry production and yield #3) GIANT quarter-size blueberries #4) sweet berries, not sour #5) tasty & flavorful blueberries #6) popular and productive varieties. Just like these featured in our video below. CALL NOW (609) 561-5905 for a fast shipping quote.

 One of Our Giant Blueberry Bushes Shipments

Watch below DiMeo Blueberry Farms & Blueberry Plants Nursery video of SUPER-HARDY, ultra-heavy bearing large blueberry bushes that we shipped out to one of our happy DiMeo Farms customers, who said he wants to start his own little organic blueberry winery. We made him a really great wholesale blueberry plants deal on these super-size blueberry bushes which gave him an instant return on his investment in growing blueberries and yielding more pounds of blueberries, per blueberry bush acre. This is why DiMeo Farms is America's oldest and most popular choice for the best "ultra-heavy bearing" blueberry plants for sale direct to backyard home berry plant gardeners, edible fruit tree landscapers, berry plants nurseries, speciality fruit wineries and start-up u-pick blueberry farms. You are investing in blueberry bushes that can grow blueberries for generations and generate substantial additional income in this high-demand market for locally grown organic blueberries. CALL NOW (609) 561-5905 to get a fast shipping quote or pick-up here at the farm. Look at these beautiful giant blueberry bushes from our NJ family blueberry farm. Only the best blueberry plant nursery stock from DiMeo Farms.

We are an old-fashioned family blueberry farm and blueberry plants nursery that cares about getting kids into berry gardening and eating healthy diets. It's fun and teaches kids where berries come from and why they should eat organic foods. CALL NOW (609) 561-5905 to GET A FAST QUOTE, then we can give you easy instructions on how to order blueberry plants online or any of our other mail order berry plants. We prefer a fast phone call so that we can get your questions answered quickly.Now you can learn how to grow the best tasting organic blueberries with the best, ULTRA-HEAVY BEARING blueberry bushes on sale. We have backyard berry gardeners from all across America who call us not only for expert blueberry planting tips but to buy higher yielding blueberry plants direct from our family blueberry farm that carries forward Great-Grandpop DiMeo's legacy of growing Organic, Non-GMO, Heirloom blueberries. He started planting and growing organic blueberries over 100 years ago. These two adorable kids drove hours with their parents just to buy blueberry bushes direct from us. If you live too far away, no problem, we can ship our DiMeo blueberry plants direct to your door for less.

The DiMeo blueberry farming family now on it's fourth generation, owns several of the largest blueberry farms in the world, that (with all members of the DiMeo family, and all different farms combined) total up to 1,000 acres of family-owned blueberry farms in New Jersey with an average of 1,200 blueberry plants per acre. We have helped all types of blueberry growers and blueberry gardeners start growing healthy organic blueberries in their own backyard berry gardens. Many of these families also intend eventutally sell blueberries that are at their own little roadside fruit stand. Many of our DiMeo Farms customers have told us that they are making big profits, selling organic blueberries for up to $5.00 per pint. Start selling blueberries from your own little u-pick blueberry farm market stand like our DiMeo Farms roadside fruit farm stand that we used at the Blueberry Festival in Hammonton, New Jersey. Blueberry lovers from all across the region came to see sponsor DiMeo Blueberry Farms at the Hammonton Blueberry Festival.

Sell Organic Blueberries at Your Own Little Fruit Stand

Our DiMeo blueberry farm market and New Jersey blueberry plants nursery was featured once again in The Press of Atlantic City as shown here with photo and article. Where we sell fresh locally grown Jersey Fresh blueberries and other healthy, Non-GMO, NATURALLY GROWN, Heirloom blueberries and super-berry plants such as aronia plants that families drive hours just to buy blueberries from our New Jersey u-pick blueberry farms. Below is an example of what you can start doing in your community with your own little roadside fruit stand to start selling Organic, Non-GMO, Heirloom blueberries and generate additional income during your retirement years. This is also a great investment idea for baby boomers retirement since you can plant 600 blueberry plants every Spring and Fall planting seasons. You don't have to plant your entire farm start-up project all at once. Take little baby steps in the right direction. We can help you get started. Just give us a call now (609) 561-5905 and we will take care of you with blueberry expert advice.

DiMeo Farms customers who invested in ultra-premium large blueberry plants for sale by our family fruit trees nursery can harvest up to 30 pounds of fresh, quarter-size blueberries off of fully mature blueberry bushes. You can make up to $50,000 an acre, per year selling organic blueberries off your land. That's with 1,200 blueberry bushes per acre, spaced 2.5' feet apart and 9' feet between each blueberry row.  This is why so many of our happy DiMeo Farms blueberry plants customers from small towns all across America are planting pick your own blueberry farms to prepare an retirement income plan with this great baby boomer retirement income strategy idea. There are few better investment ideas that will give you a good return on investment in this current economy than investing in blueberry plants to start your own u-pick organic blueberry farm, featuring locally grown organic blueberries, which are in high demand and blueberry prices will likely continue to rise. You've seen the expensive supermarket prices for organic blueberries. This happy DiMeo customer took his daughters to DiMeo Farms after they heard about us from friends who also bought from us. He was so impressed with our DiMeo blueberry plants. You will be too. Drive out to pick-up your order.

Our New Jersey blueberries plants nursery can teach you how to grow Organic, Non-GMO, Heirloom blueberries with real expert advice from long-time DiMeo blueberry growers. Listen below to our fourth generation DiMeo blueberry farmer discuss how to properly space blueberry bushes and plant blueberry bushes. This is the correct blueberry plant spacing that you should use for your u-pick blueberries farm because planting blueberries bushes farther apart will not improve your organic blueberry yield production per acre as some people think it will. Some even think if they space their blueberry bushes farther apart, it will let more sunlight or air in around the blueberry bush and therefore, lead to an increase in blueberry yeild. Unfortunately, this is a myth. It's the old way of thinking that old time blueberry farmers and growers did years ago. Today, modern blueberry farmers space 2.5' feet between each blueberry plant which is maximizing your land and spacing without compromising blueberry production. Yes, older blueberry farms have their berry plants spaced farther apart, but that's because back then, farmers thought it would improve overall blueberry yield. If you have space between your existing berry bushes, just plant another bush in the middle.

Start Your Own U-Pick Blueberry Farm & Generate Big Profits - Additional Retirement Income

Plant your own u-pick organic blueberry farm with DiMeo Farms & Blueberry Plants Nursery in New Jersey who has helped families from all across America start growing organic blueberries with our "ultra-heavy bearing" SUPER-HARDY blueberry plants. These smart families are growing fresh market locally grown organic berries as a SECOND INCOME or a future pick your own organic blueberries farm business for their children or grandchildren's future. Most families plan to sell fresh, healthy organic berries with powerful health benefits and nutrition, at their local farmers market. Some families start pick your own blueberry farms for a very profitable PYO blueberries farm business with a little blueberry patch just like this one below with just 600 blueberry plants for a fast u-pick berry farm start-up. Then, every spring or fall you can easily add another 600 plants and just plant a little at a time, at your own pace and budget.

That is exactly what this smart U.S Army military officer had in mind when he drove hours just to buy blueberry plants direct from us. He not only has strong military discipline, but he is a man with a good, solid retirement plan. He invested in his future retirement years with a great retirement investment idea that will give him years of additional retirement income with him selling fresh locally grown Organic, Non-GMO, Heirloom blueberries to restaurant chefs in the city who want to buy direct from local blueberry growers. He invested in DiMeo blueberry plants and wants to plant 600 blueberry plants (1/2 acre) every spring and 600 berry plants every fall planting season to prepare for his future retirement years with his own little pick your own organic blueberry farm and roadside farm market stand that will pay back dividends every year. CALL NOW (609) 561-5905 to get started. Thank you to all our military for your service.

Let a DiMeo blueberry farmer teach you how to grow organic blueberry plants and properly space your new blueberry bushes for your own backyard berry garden. Buy blueberry bushes direct from DiMeo's popular blueberry plants nursery and learn from our blueberries farming expert(s) just like these happy DiMeo blueberry plants customers did. Enjoy this video below and see the higher quality of our SUPER HARDY blueberry bushes just like these in the area of our berry plants nursery in Hammonton, New Jersey. We don't just sell blueberry plants, raspberry plants, thornless blackberry plants, strawberry plants, cranberry bushes, aronia berry plants and heirloom berry bushes, but we also can provide blueberry gardening tips direct from a REAL EXPERT blueberry farmer with a lifetime of blueberries growing experience to help make you successful growing your own healthy organic berries at home in your own backyard. Call our DiMeo famliy blueberry farm now (609) 561-5905. We greatly appreciate your business. Our goal is for you to be successful raising blueberries that are way better tasting than store-bought produce.

Our ultra-premium blueberry plants can thrive in hot summer heat down in southern blueberry growing zones up to 120(F) and are super cold winter hardy for northern blueberry growing zones down to minus -30(F) up in growing Zone 3. DiMeo blueberry bushes are so cold hardy that customers drive down from Canada just to buy blueberry plants direct from our NJ blueberry farm. As for the lifespan of blueberry bushes, well they can keep producing sweet, quarter-size blueberries for up to 30 years or more. Our DiMeo family's farm has large mature blueberry bushes that are over 60 years-old and still yielding pounds of giant blueberries. When you order our ultra-heavy bearing DiMeo blueberry plants from DiMeo Blueberry Farms & Nursery, we can hand-dig them from one of our New Jersey blueberry plant nurseries and then prepare them for shipment like we did in this photo below, when our fourth generation DiMeo blueberry farmer insisted the truck drivers wait until he personally double-checked the order before it left one of Great-Grandpop DiMeo's original 100 year-old blueberry plants nursery locations. 

Below is third generation, 83 year-old blueberry farmer Mike DiMeo, Sr. who was at our blueberry plants nursery in spring (the plants were just starting to leaf out) and he helped our "home grower" blueberry gardening customers load up some DiMeo blueberry plants. Farmer DiMeo was happy to give free farmer-direct blueberry planting tips and advice. Mike, Sr. still works hard every day in his blueberry fields. When you become a DiMeo Farms customer, you can consult with an expert DiMeo blueberry farmer for FREE. We can give all of our customers FREE blueberry planting instructions, gardening tips and blueberry growing advice. God bless Mike, Sr. Our DiMeo blueberry farming family is blessed with amazing health and longevity. His uncle, Farmer Joseph DiMeo lived to almost 101 years old. His aunt, Great Grandmom DiMeo lived to 98 years old. His great-aunt Concetta lived to 101 and Grandmom "Millie" DiMeo lived to 97 years-old. So the DiMeo's have great longevity from healthy farm living and eating organic foods. It must be from eating all those amazing organic blueberries grown in the NJ Pine Barrens.

Discover DiMeo Farms Difference

Planting Trust Since 1916. Growing Quality. Delivering Success.

We sell super-hardy blueberry bushes and one of the largest blueberry plant variety selections of ultra-heavy bearing size blueberry plants and other super healthy berry plants for sale at our New Jersey family berry plant nurseries. Many blueberry growers that buy DiMeo blueberry plants report exceedingly high survival rates and exceptional blueberry plant vigor. For over 100 years the DiMeo family planted acres of New Jersey blueberry farms that today has substantial amount of blueberry acreage in blueberries farms currently in production. Many have said that DiMeo Farms is the best blueberry plants source in America. People from all across the world fly to DiMeo Farms to meet with our farmers and learn how to grow organic blueberries using our old-fashioned blueberry growing methods with ultra-heavy bearing DiMeo blueberry plants that can yield more way pounds of tasty blueberries for you. CALL NOW (609) 561-5905 to get a fast shipping or pick-up quote and ask all your blueberry planting questions.
DiMeo Blueberry Farm Advantage
• Strong, vigorous blueberry plants with nice healthy root systems
• Limited blueberry bush transplant shock
Stronger canopy growth on our large mature blueberry bushes
• Increased blueberry bush vigor and much faster blueberry yield & production
Easy blueberry transplanting and planting blueberries with minimal loss
• Extreme uniformity of overall blueberry production
Certified virus and disease-free blueberry plants
• Ultra-heavy bearing blueberry bushes for higher blueberry yields per acre
DiMeo Farms sells the highest quality blueberries and blueberry bushes for sale, highest yielding blueberry plants for all types of blueberry growers of every size. Our super-low $1.95 blueberry plant prices for beautiful starter blueberries plants is the best and lowest plant prices in America. We can recommend the most popular and productive blueberry plant varieties that we have tested and found to be the most productive blueberries bushes. This way, you never have to buy organic blueberries at the grocery store or supermarket and pay big money for those expensive half-pints of organic berries. Just think of all the money you will save when you learn how to grow your own giant ORGANIC, Non-GMO, Heirloom blueberries. Look at the amzing quality of our DiMeo fruit in this New York City supermarket.

Below is third generation 83 year-old Farmer DiMeo digging blueberry plants for a wholesale blueberry plants customer order. He formed a partnership with A. DiMeo to continue the family blueberry growing legacy. We can hand-dig small home blueberry garden orders for home blueberry gardeners and edible landscapers, but sometimes machine dig wholesale blueberry plants order. The video below was taken during fall blueberry planting season. Remember, you can plant now in 2018. The blueberry plants were going dormant in this picture and had already lost up to 60% of their leaves on this beautiful fall day at Farmer DiMeo's farm. We take orders all year-round so we can secure your order based on our inventory availability which can change frequently. We recommend you CALL TO ORDER YOUR blueberry plants ahead of time, then we can wait to ship until you are all ready to plant. No matter what time of year it happens to be. Weather permitting of course. DiMeo's love to work.

What Sets DiMeo Farms Apart

Buying blueberry plants direct from REAL EXPERT fourth generation DiMeo blueberry farmers with substantial blueberry acreage instead of just those online sellers, who are just growing berry plants in plastic nursery pots in their backyards or on a tiny piece of land that is not an acual real blueberry farm. Many of these plant peddlers are selling greenhouse planted and tissue culture grown blueberry plants that simply lack overall plant hardiness. This is why many of them won't make it through the first winter after you plant. Or how about the online plant sellers who pretend to be farmers, but are just peddling plants online without having any real blueberry farming experience or history. Anyone can sell plants online but we have over 100 year-old history in growing blueberries in the American blueberry industry.

We grow better blueberry plants the old fashioned way. Our DiMeo blueberry plants are not unnaturally made some lab or greenhouse from tissue culture. Did you know that up to 90% of our online competitors buy (to re-sell) slow growing tissue culture blueberry plants in bulk from large berry plant nurseries who unnaturally propagate those blueberry plants in a lab. It's true. Many of the blueberry plants for sale online or sold in big box stores such as Lowes, Home Depot or WalMart are all unnaturally made in a lab or greenhouse facility. They go from a propagation lab facility, to a greenhouse where they "push the plants hard with heat" and in a strictly tempature controlled environment to unnaturally accelerate the plants growing cycle so they can turn over a quick profit. Then, the plants go from a greenhouse to a big box store like Home Depot or Lowes online blueberry plants to your house. When you plant them outside, many of the plants will not survive the first winter or grow vigorously, because they are not COLD-HARDY blueberry plants. Before you purchased them, they never saw the light of day or the actual sun, but were always in a greenhouse. Yes, big box stores like Lowes or Home Depot, display them outside, but that's the fist time they were ever outdoors! Others show you a low plants price, but they never tell you the actual SIZE or AGE of the plant. Most will ship you just a "little twig in a box" like this customer below customer exerpeinced. She said she was "tired of getting stick plants" shipped to her from online mail order plant sellers so she decided to take her son to our family blueberry farm to tag the perfect blueberry bushes. Yes, we can ship direct to your door, but we always encourage pick-up orders.

Tissue culture blueberry plants can take TWICE as long to grow and just about any experienced blueberry farmer will tell you to stay away from tissue culture blueberry plants for this reason. Yes, they will look beautiful when you get them, but watch what happens when winter comes along, you will lose many of them and have to replant all over again. You won't find a single tissue culture plant lab facility or even a single greenhouse at the DiMeo's blueberry farm nursery. Grandpop DiMeo never liked raising blueberry plants in a greenhouse, because like he said, "greenhouses make weak plants."Watch this video below and see real super-hardy blueberry plants that are more vigorous, tougher and SUPER-HARDY. This is how our higher quality organically grown DiMeo blueberry plants are raised, the old school way. PLEASE DISREGARD THE MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY STATED IN THIS VIDEO BELOW as that has long since been reduced due to many popular requests. The new minimum for our small "starter" plants is just 50 plants per order at only $1.95 each.

Buy Large 3 Year-Old, Ultra-Premium $10 Blueberry Bushes direct from our DiMeo Blueberry Farm & Blueberry Plants Nursery, who can help you grow large, productive, high-yielding mature blueberry plants, Ready to Fruit Summer 2019. Call now (609) 561-5905 to place a pick-up or direct-shipping order of large $10 blueberry bushes or small starter $1.95 blueberry plants shipped direct to your door. Get directions to DiMeo's Blueberry Tree Nursery here like these happy DiMeo customers did when they drove hours, just to buy healthy Non-GMO, NATURALLY GROWN, Heirloom bearing-size berry plants direct from DiMeo Farms. In this photo you can see our thornless blackberry bushes popping out of the car, as well as some SUPER-SIZE mature blueberry bushes sitting on the ground to the far right. Families love coming here, and we love being a part of their edible garden landscaping with blueberry trees for sale farmer-direct.


Learn more about DiMeo's ultra-premium blueberry plants with buying direct from DiMeo Blueberry Farms & Blueberry Plants Nursery and learn all about organic blueberry nutrition and the amazing dietary health benefits of organic blueberries, especially how you can grow healthy blueberries at home in your own backyard. Think of the money you will save with growing your own ORGANIC, Non-GMO, Heirloom blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, cranberries (which prevent urinary tract infections) and aronia berries which are super-berries with the highest antioxidant health benefits for diet.
Happy Blueberry Plant Customer Videos

Our 102 year-old family blueberry farm legacy and nationally popular blueberry plants nursery has happy customers from all across America. Many buy our large blueberry plants or bushes shipped direct to their door. Some drive hours just to pick-up their order. Below are just a few photos and videos that are featured on our DiMeo Farms Facebook which has over 88,000 LIKES with happy customers who even send us love letters.

"Thanks for helping me start my own pick your own organic blueberry farm. I planted a u-pick blueberry farm field and now so many people come in the Spring just to take pictures of their kids in the field of white blueberry flowers bloom. Excellent berry crop yield and the blueberries bloom such beautiful white wedding bell flowers. Your DiMeo blueberry plants are doing so well. Growing bigger organic blueberries now with your berry plants, double the size of the blueberries plants I previously planted in my blueberry fields from others. Thanks for all your growing tips and great DiMeo Farms customer service."

Here's an actual video of us loading David's wholesale blueberry plants order for his shipper at our blueberry plants nursery in NJ. We gave him a great low price for his blueberry plants, and we can do the same for you just as we did for this happy DiMeo Farms customer. Notice how nice and healthy these blueberry bushes were, with large root systems, so you can "hit the ground running" with DiMeo Blueberry Farm & Blueberry Plants Nursery in Hammonton, New Jersey.

 "I'm a soon-to-be retired science teacher who bought bearing-size blueberry plants direct from the DiMeo's and I must say, they were not only in great shape, but the best blueberry plants I have ever bought. Next year, we plan to order more blueberry plants from DiMeo's Blueberry Tree Nursery as we are starting our own pick your own ORGANIC, Non-GMO, Heirloom blueberries business for extra retirement income after my retirement in a couple years. I recommend DiMeo Farms. They know how to grow the best organic blueberry bushes hands down.

Here's a video of Rob, a soon-to-be retired high school science teacher, loading Heirloom blueberry plants in his horse trailer. He bought special rare heirloom blueberry plants varieties with the best tasting blueberries that his u-pick blueberries customers will love. He also plans on coming back to buy some aronia berry plants from us so he can make his own organic aronia berry fruit wines to sell along with organic aronia berries.

 "These Non-GMO, NATURALLY GROWN, Heirloom blueberry plants I purchased from the DiMeo Farms & Blueberry Plants Nursery are large and hardy, yet the prices that are so much less then any others I've seen advertised online. Hardy blueberry trees and detailed care for blueberries instructions were provided. Positive experience, as they were helpful with all my blueberry tree planting questions. I received great service and product. Thank you again."  

 "The DiMeo family blueberry farm had just the perfect blueberry plants that my wife and I were looking for, to start our own pick your own organic blueberries farm in our rural hometown community. We are buying DiMeo blueberry plants and are even coming back to buy more strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and cranberry bushes. Friendly customer service helped us fly out to the NJ farm to meet up with our shipper to ship our retirement investment back home. Farm visit was great. It helped us to visualize our own agritourism farm."

Here is an actual video of John and his wife's shipper picking up their DiMeo blueberry bushes order at one of Grandpop DiMeo's original blueberry plant nurseries with over 100 years of blueberry growing history. Look at how our DiMeo blueberry plants are sizable and super-hardy. These are higher quality berry bushes raised the old fashioned way. Watch and listen as we loaded up one of our repeat blueberry plant customers, just like John and his wife. If you are looking to buy organic blueberry trees, then you have found the best source.

"We purchased a blueberry bush gift certificate from DiMeo's Blueberry Farm & Berry Bushes Gardening Center and gave it as a wedding present to my best friend and her new husband. They LOVED the original blueberry plant gift idea and now every time we visit them, they talk about how well the blueberry plants are doing! They did so well that just this year we decided to start our own pick your own berry farms and drive out to meet the DiMeo family and pick out our mature blueberry bushes. The DiMeo's are good people."
Here's an actual video of us loading up Nicole and her husband at one of Grandpop DiMeo's original blueberry plant nurseries which is over 100 years-old. Lots of history here. They both drove over 9 hours up from North Carolina, just to personally visit our operation and buy our DiMeo blueberry plants direct from our popular berry plants nursery in Hammonton, New Jersey. They wanted SUPER HARDY and ULTRA-HEAVY BEARING plants with nice, well developed, healthy root systems that are all Ready to Fruit Summer 2019. An instant return on their investment. Call (609) 561-5905 and let us help you get started.

 "I've been very impessed with DiMeo Blueberry Farms & Fruit Trees Nursery from the very first day my father and I took the time to fly up from Kentucky to visit the impressive DiMeo operation. One of the DiMeo farmers spent time to help us get started with our new u-pick blueberry farm concept. We were quite happy with the large, well-developed healthy berry plants we bought last year that we just bought additional berry bushes this planting season. I highly recommend this fine, first-class operation."

Here is an actual video with Duston, a retired police officer from Kentucky, who was injured in the line of duty. He is working toward generating additional retirement income that will compliment his pension, by starting his own little u-pick organic blueberry farm in his rural community. He wants to sell locally grown organic blueberries direct at his local farmers markets and his own little roadside fruit stand farm market. He came to watch his shipper load his berry plants order and had a great DiMeo Farms experience, just like the many customers that drive (and fly) in from all across America, just buy ultra-heavy bearing blueberry plants direct from the professionals. NOTE: The video below was taken during early Fall planting season and the blueberry plant leaves were starting to change color, so that's why there is some leaf discoloration.

"We had a great experience and needed our blueberry plants shipped in fall when the DiMeo's were busy with the fall blueberry planting season, but the friendly DiMeo farmers took the time to not only give us a quick tour of the DiMeo blueberry farm operation, but also gave us free blueberry planting tips and advice. One of the DiMeo farmers worked closely with our shipper to load all of the almost dormant blueberry plants onto large tractor trailers.

Here's an actual video of us loading Matthew's blueberry plant order for the shipper at one of Grandpop DiMeo's original blueberry plant nurseries during Fall planting season when the plants were dormant and quickly losing their vibrant red colored blueberry leaves. Fall blueberry season is just one of many great times of the year to plant. Most customers plant in Spring, but many berry farmers prefer to transplant, replant blueberry plants during the Fall season because of their busy schedules during the Spring. NOTE: PLANTS SHOWN IN VIDEO BELOW HAD ALREADY LOST MANY LEAVES DUE TO LATE FALL SEASON. We can work hard all year-round, to prepare all types of orders.

Home Gardeners Love Our Berry Plants

DiMeo Berry Farms & Berry Plants Nursery works hard to bring you the best blueberry bushes in America. We can provide you with easy berry planting instructions and berry farmer tips for success. Our goal is for you to become a lifelong repeat customer and refer all your friends, family and co-workers. Our higher quality, certified virus disease-free blueberry plants have produced countless happy DiMeo Farms customers. Just look at our happy customers photo gallery of some who drove out or flew out to personally meet with us and visit our operation. Like these happy DiMeo customers below who gave DiMeo Farms four thumbs up. Schedule an appointment with us (609) 561-5905 then take a ride out and see our ultra-upscale operation for yourself.

 We aim to bring the healthy, SAFE home grown aspects of CHEMICAL & PESTICIDE-FREE berry growing into your daily lives. We hope to teach you our time-tested old-fashioned organic blueberry farming techniques and ways to live a more healthy lifestyle. Sometimes "going back" to the way it was before, is like going ahead and moving forward. In these uncertain and unstable economic times in America, growing your own berries is both satisfying and economical. Nothing tastes better than fresh ORGANIC, Non-GMO blueberries picked in your own backyard. Let DiMeo Farms help you return to the land for a better, self sufficient lifestyle for you and your loved ones. Always know your farmer and where your food comes from. Growing your own organic blueberries is playing it safe.

DiMeo Farms invites you to drive (or fly) out to personally visit our picturesque blueberry farm (by appointment only) to see that DiMeo blueberry plants size, quality and lower prices are far superior. Within the first 90 seconds of your visit, you will see the DiMeo Farms difference just like these happy DiMeo customers did when they arrived at our New Jersey blueberry farms and small fruit trees nursery. We do greatly appreciate your business. Thank you kindly.

Buy Peat Moss for Blueberry Plants

We have special blueberry peat moss for sale if you need to buy peat moss (even if it's just one (1) bale) please let us know ahead of time. Unfortunately, WE DO NOT SHIP PEAT MOSS, but, if you pick-up your order at our farm or blueberry plants nursery, then you can buy the best peat moss that blueberries love, direct from us. We try to keep our inventory stocked with peat moss, just like this trailer load of peat moss we got in from our long-time peat moss supplier, that our DiMeo family has been doing business with for decades. Buy blueberry peat moss direct from us for the best blueberry root mulch. When you schedule your pick-up appointment with us, please let us know ahead of time that you need to buy peat moss, so we can have it pulled out, and ready for you. Peat moss has the natural organic matter that blueberry plants love. We also have slow-release garden sulphur for sale, if you need to BUY SULPHUR to lower the pH of your blueberry soil. Ask us for pricing and sizes of 50lb sulphur bags available: (609) 561-5905.

Backyard Blueberry Growers Love Edible Landscaping with Big Bearing-Size Berry Plants 

Growing Blueberry Bushes & Growing Blueberries in Your Home Berry Garden

Did you know that organic blueberries are the MOST PROFITABLE BERRY per square inch of space in the produce section of a grocery store or supermarket? Would you rather continue to pay up to $5.00 just for a small tiny little half-pint of organic blueberries at the supermarket or for free in your own backyard like these happy DiMeo Farms customers did on our Facebook with over 88,000 LIKES or how about these smart parents who drove out to meet with us. They were tired of paying expensive grocery store prices for blueberries and would rather SAVE MONEY and grow their own organic blueberries without all the toxic cancer-causing fungicides or pesticides that many farmers spray on the fruit before blueberry harvest.

CALL NOW (609) 561-5905 to place an order for mail order blueberry bushes or suchedule a SAME DAY pick-up appointment. Even if you just want to buy FIVE (5) blueberry bushes to grow in containers or pots. Remember our minimum order is five for the 3 year-old blueberry bushes category for small home garden orders. Watch this below how to video as we discuss planting blueberry bushes in containers for those of you with limited gardening space on your porch, deck or patio. Many of our berry gardening customers grow blueberries in large pots or containers with great success. You never have to cover them, or take them inside in the winter. They will naturally just go dormant, as it's a part of the life cycle of a blueberry bush, so they are virtually maintenance-free.


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